Why aCenter?

Effective learning experience and process using annotated video content

aCenter offers modern user experience and interactive course management

Cost effective,
cloud-based solution (SaaS)

About us

NETIS Informatics Ltd. was founded in October, 2009 with the objective of offering real, innovative and complex IT service package soltuions for its clients in
Hungary and abroad.
We already offer several innovative solutions for healthcare education, and these solutions support interactive training and effective, video-based learning experience.


Video annotation

The actual video can be more effective by using annotation. Cloning is also possible to enable maintaining original content.

Media Library and Play

The original and annotated video contents are stored in the user’s personal media library and can be played individually.

Edit course

The student receives a solution which improves self-development. The course can be edited by using a „drag and drop” method, and can be published on other (third party) platforms as well.

Cloud based service
(Software-as-a-service, SaaS)

The cloud based service does not require a separate IT infrastructure